Photography allows us to immortalize moments and create this “time machine” that can make you live and feel EVERYTHING again… That hug, the tears of happiness, sincere smiles, looks from the soul, laughter heard from long distances and even the pulse from your heart…

Our photography is like this, ALIVE, full of warmth, feelings and moments, that’s how we see photography. Each moment, each record, each image full of feelings and transformed into history … Yours!

Our memory makes us have beautiful memories, doesn’t it? We remember the hug of the grandfather, the emotion of riding a bicycle for the first time, our first kiss, that hug when leaving the parents’ house, visiting friends on a sunny Sunday! Simple moments, full of affection and kept in our memory, right?

But what makes an unforgettable moment? What makes it present in your memory?

That’s right, photography, a simple image can tell all the details of your story, all in a fraction of a second! And that is exactly why we love what we do, we want you to be able to live and feel the most incredible moments of your life in a light and true way!

We are trained in the areas of administration and design, we combine our knowledge, passions and concerns (in addition to a touch of freedom and madness), and we translate into photography the expression of our creativity and art in truly telling your story.

What makes our work incredibly unique? You live your moment intensely! So enjoy! Feel, love, live and let happiness overflow!

We eternalize your story so you can feel and live it all again!

Let’s go together?


Every story deserves to be told in a beautiful book, that’s why our albums are like a precious stone, cut in the best way for you!

Combining modern design, fine workmanship, high quality in printing images, simple and sophisticated layout, smooth and totally individualized image processing, Renan Radici Wedding Photography albums are true works of art that store the best moments in its history.

Each page prepared with care so that you can see, review and feel everything again!

Each album is unique, produced exclusively for you to immortalize and relive the essence of every moment with those you love!

Imagine being able to share with your family and friends, or in a few years’ time with your children, the emotion of feeling, living every moment shared with you?

Create the best story book of your life: yours!