Couple Photo Shoot – Pre-Wedding


What would be the best recipe for love if not the connection between two people?

That’s what we want in our photos! Connection, love, complicity, when this mixture happens, the feelings are purely true! This is what inspired the name of our couple shoot or the pre-wedding.

Its essence, love, feeling!

Mixing beautiful places, with beautiful landscapes, to a universe of your own! Where love reigns amid the exchange of glances, intense laughter, that pleasant embrace, declaring the purest and truest feeling among you!

We believe in all the intensity that this unique connection generates, so this is a time for you to forget a little bit about the world outside and connect. Let it be, let it be, let it be …

We will record all this so that you can connect even more with the essence of happiness! Everything so you can feel and live your story ALL over again!

Ready to live this experience?

Ana & Lucas

Porto Alegre

Amanda & Pery

São Borja

Daia & Júlio

Serra do Corvo Branco

Franciele & Carlos

Porto Alegre/RS

Rui & Fred

São Paulo/RS

Anne & Leo

Parque Olivas de Gramado

Fabi & Bruno

Estância das Oliveiras

Lívia & Alexandre

Tedesco Eco Park
São Francisco de Paula/RS