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“Simply AMAZING! An incredible professional, with a unique sensitivity, who captures the most special moments of our lives with lots of love, dedication and expertise. All the photos that I have done with him are wonderful! Through them I can bring back some extremely special moments from my story as if I was there again! Renan makes us feel comfortable and his team is always top notch! A caring, special and charismatic person and a HUGE professional! When the subject is photography, my choice will be always him! I love your work so much Renan! You know that! Thanks for capture in an unforgettable and unique way the most special moments of my life! And I’m looking forward to the next ones!!!”

Paula & Walter[ Wedding ]

It’s just spectacular all the work from this team! They have transformed such an important moment of our lives, our wedding, on something even more special, registering the most single and diverse moments. The photos spontaneity was what we love the most, records that we will keep forever! Renan and Andréia, thank you very much for everything. You are, without question, excellent professionals who are concerned about knowing a little more about us, so as to be able to achieve our necessities and wishes, always respecting our desires, our style. All the best!

Alexsandra & Cristiano[ Wedding ]

Love is transmitted through the photos that you take, they don’t need descriptions… Wonderful job, the photos are perfect captures from all the moments to make eternal what it was lived. You are competent professionals and very above average, in every sense! You deserve lots of success and that even more people could have the pleasure to count on all this caring, dedication and professionalism. I LOVE my photos and the way I relive all that energy from that day when I look at my album. Congratulations!

Suelen & Leandro[ Wedding ]

No words to describe this top notch team! I had already admired Renan and Andreia’s work before our wedding (I don’t have to mention how their photos have LIFE and FELLING), but something that the photos don’t tell us is how this couple is amazing! Since the first meeting we felt very comfortable. Renan assisted me throughout the day and he was the one who calmed me down when the things seemed to go wrong, I was a fan of the professional one but I am a fan of the human being behind the lens. Without a doubt they were the professionals that made all the difference on our wedding! Thank you for doing such a lovely job and full of love as well! I really admire you! You deserve all the success in the world, carry on!

Luciana & Giuliano[ Wedding ]

Renan Radici was the perfect choice to photograph my graduation! Very dedicated and committed with his job. He stayed until the end of the party and recorded with a great sensitivity and good taste all those very important moments! Beautiful photos, he captures very well the moment’s emotions! I would hire him again for sure. Success!

Paula Gruman[ Graduation ]

A different point of view, impeccable photos, and the register of incredible moments. Renan is that guy who will make the difference in your life because he will keep amazing photographical memories from unforgettable moments. Besides, a very nice person, trustworthy, good character and plenty of talent.
I am extremely grateful for having you on our wedding! Best regards for all the team!

Liana & Tiago[ Wedding ]

Renan’s work is amazing! A photographer who has an impeccable aesthetic and poetic sense. He managed to capture in a natural way each singular moment of the party! As I review the photos I am able to feel all the emotions that I felt that day! Thanks Renan, you’re awesome!

Diogo Ferreira[ Graduation ]


Camila & Luciano

Centro de Eventos Marco Luigi
Bento Gonçalves/RS

Bruna e Arthur

Alameda Figueira

Rafaela & Jean

Baia dos Golfinhos

Tássia & Rodrigo

Amalfi Coast/IT

Paula & Ricardo

São Marcos/RS

Luciana & Bruno


Felipe & Cezar

Alameda Figueira
Porto Alegre/RS

Fernanda & Rodrigo

Vinícola Laurentia
Barra do Ribeiro/RS